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Do you still remember what happened with last cheap knife that you bought? It was perfectly fine for first few weeks, right? You were probably surprised how good your cheap knife can actually be?  But after few weeks this knife that you bought form your local grocery stores…it wasn’t as good as first day anymore. Am I correct again?

Consider what would happen by investing in an inferior knife. While it may mean saving money on the front end, the blade will need to be sharpened more often. The handle may also loosen, making it necessary to tighten it before it is used again. Rather than spending a lot of time making repairs to the knife, why not invest in something that will require less sharpening and holds together with ease?

This is just one of many point in favor of the knives offered by Victorinox – best kitchen knife.

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef's Knife

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife



Successful chefs always insist on the importance of ingredients. Fresh, flavorful ingredients contribute directly to the quality of the dishes they turn out, so this emphasis is well placed.

Chefs less often talk about another aspect of their craft that is nearly as important, though. High-quality tools, like kitchen knives, make it much easier to produce the kind of delicious food that everyone enjoys.

For this reason, even amateurs benefit from understanding what distinguishes the best kitchen knife from lesser ones. Even people who only prepare food at home periodically benefit from having the right resources on hand. One of the staples of a well-stocked kitchen is a selection of kitchen knives. Here are some of the reasons that it pays to invest in a Victorinox kitchen knife whether the owner spends a lot of time in the kitchen or only prepares a meal now and then.

In just about every case, it makes the most sense to focus on finding a great Chef’s knife first of all. A good knife of this kind from a company like Victorinox can make short work of anything from rough dices to delicate chiffonade cuts, allowing for a useful balance of speed and precision.


Without a doubt, most of us only use one or two different types of knives. While your Chef’s knife will serve the purpose in many cases, it helps to invest in a set that includes knives designed for specific applications. After all, that’s why we know so many different types of knives. Deciding what goes into your kitchen set depends on the buyer.


On top of a good Chef’s knife of this kind, most home chefs will want at least two or three more of other sorts. A small paring knife that fits comfortably in the hand will allow peeling potatoes and the like while also being useful for a range of other relatively delicate tasks.

xstc @ Flickr

xstc @ Flickr


Finally, a slicing knife with a relatively narrow blade will make it easy to carve roasts while a serrated knife of similar size and profile will make short work of things like loaves of bread and fresh tomatoes where the tearing action of the serrations will pay off. Keep in mind that knives also make their way to the table at times. This is certainly true when the plan is to serve some type of steak as part of the meal. Investing in a nice set of steak knives will mean cutting the meat will be a breeze. Since the knives are made using the best materials, it will not be hard to keep them sharp at all times.

Investing in good kitchen knife with high quality lade and handle is something that you will never regret. Especially if you like to prepare food at home on a daily basis.


Slicing, Dicing, Chopping...You Name It

Slicing, Dicing, Chopping…You Name It


There is no doubt that having the right type of Victorinox kitchen knife on hand will make it easier to slice and dice all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Think of what can be done with the right type of knife. The user can easily create slices that are the right size of carrot sticks, celery sections, and even apple slices for dipping in some type of sauce. A vegetable platter is always great for a party, and can also be great way to snack on something nutritious while watching a favorite movie or television show. Keep in mind that the great kitchen knife makes it easier to prepare foods for use in soups and stews. When the handle is solid and easy to hold, the user can dice everything to the perfect size. That makes it easier to cook the raw vegetables to perfect, add the ideal amount of meat stock, and soon have the entire kitchen smelling wonderful.


If you are still convinced that cheap kitchen knife is way to go, think about maintenance. Cheap knives are made from low quality steel and low quality handle. They will preform just fine at first but you have to look at this on long term. Cheap knife require nonstop maintenance and sharpening, otherwise you will struggle to cut anything. Rather than spending a lot of time making repairs to the knife, why not invest in something that will require less sharpening and holds together with ease? And what is more annoying that knife sharpening?

People who are using Victorinox knives for long period of time can tell you how good this knifes are. These knives will stay sharp for a long period of time compare to your cheap “Chef’s knife”. One of the most important thing that most of as are not aware of is that sharp knife is actually much, much safer that blunt one.

In case that you have blunt knife in your kitchen, and you would like to learn more about knife maintenance you can check out my blog or simply just click here.


100% satisfaction guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee


Some kitchen knives are not meant to last more than couple of years or so. Others are designed to provide excellent service for a lifetime. For people who prefer to spend their money for things that last, opting for a high-quality knife set is a wise move. The right set will last from the time the kids are born all the way through college and even when there are grandchildren coming to visit. I’m using Victorinox knifes for good part of the decade now and I’m planning to use this same set at least another decade. Now you are probably thinking that I’m just telling you that because I have to, but you can go to this web page and read few reviews from happy customers across the country.


As with many things in life, it costs a little more to purchase knives that are built to last. Less expensive brands are likely to use inferior stainless steel or carbon steel in the design. They may look fine at first, and may even seem to work well enough for the first couple of years. It is only after some time passes that those lesser knives are revealed to not be such a good idea after all.Money-Back-Guarantee-Signs-5

Victorinox knives are made from high-carbon quality stainless steel and they all come with lifetime warranty. After all, this knifes are made in Swiss I don’t know for you but personally, I don’t know any bad product that comes from Swiss and it’s not great quality.

Before spending any time checking out other options, take a look at what Victorinox cutlery brings to the table. Check out the types of knives offered and consider how they can be put to good use. It will not take long to understand why they are worth the investment, and how they will make preparing meals much easier. Consider spending a little more up front as a good way to save money down the road.


This is just one of thousands 5 star ratings review from costumers all over USA that they purchased Victorinox Chef’s kitchen knife. Obviously most of the costumers are really satisfied with this product. Why? Because….THIS IS THE BEST KITCHEN KNIFE, PERIOD.




I HAD NO CLUE that my sharp knives were SO DULL!!! That is until I used my (first ever) BRAND NEW Chefs knife for the first time. I was making yakisoba stir fry with broccoli, cabbage and onions. Usually it would take some muscle pressure to cut through the tough broccoli stalks and cabbage head..and my hands would always be sore as well because of my fibromyalgia. I ENTERED A BLISSFULL NEW WORLD!!! This knife literally cut through the broccoli LIKE BUTTER. BEAUTIFUL, THIN SLICES with NO EFFORT or discomfort! I think my eyes must have bugged out, but I KNOW I started giggling like my son when he got his new xbox! I grabbed the cabbage and YES, IT TOO took no effort. ..NOT EVEN when cutting straight through the center stalk (something I would have said was impossible without a HATCHET). It cut such amazingly uniform and thin slices that they curled at the tips. The onion cut like a soft boiled egg…I am IN LOVE with this AND the FILLET knife I also purchased. It cut the steak perfectly. These knives are a pleasure to use. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any and everyone looking for quality cutlery. The price is SO LOW compared to what my brother (a REAL Chef) paid for his..I could buy a used car with what he paid for all of his blades! I ABSOLUTELY plan on getting the rest of the set as soon as I can. ..and heaven help anyone (hubby or teen son) that I catch using them for ANYTHING other than cutting food lol. These are mine..All MINE! 🙂

5 star reviews on alone

out of 5 stars


satisfaction guaranteed

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