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Benefits of good kitchen knife

Sharp Knives Work Better and Are Much Safer

Victorinox kitchen knives are known for their quality and are available at reasonable prices. It is the ergonomics of these knives that makes it easier to grip and use them without feeling fatigued. Further, they offer lifetime warranty on their knives. Therefore, you do not only get hold of the best kitchen knife when you buy the Swiss army, but also quality service, irrespective of whether you are a casual cook or a professional chef. As Victorinox kitchen knives are made of high carbon stainless steel, a superior quality stainless steel. They are very strong and do not get rusted or stained.

Benefits of good kitchen knife - 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Benefits of good kitchen knife – 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Sharp knives work better and are safer because you need to employ only less force when using them. On the other hand, you have to employ brute force when using dull knives. Additionally, sharp knives cause less damage to food items. By looking closely at the cut, you can find out whether a sharp or dull knife has been used. Delicate ingredients such as herbs will remain fresh for a longer period of time if they sliced using a sharp knife. A dull knife would crush the cells in the cut portion and this accelerates wilting. Moreover, you slow down a lot when using a dull knife. On the other hand, a sharp knife helps you to enjoy your work.

Victorinox Lifetime Guarantee

You need to purchase Victorinox knives only once in your lifetime, unless, of course, you lose it. They come with a lifetime guarantee. If at all anything happens to the best kitchen knife or goes wrong with it, all that you need to do is return it to Victorinox. They will send a brand new knife as replacement for free.

Since 1884, professionals have been putting the Swiss Army Victorinox for both home and commercial use. These knives are made either by Stamping or Forging and come with two types of handles, Fibrox and Rosewood. The Victorinox knife is a must-have kitchen item as it has multiple uses.

You will find that a variety of knives are available online, especially on, and they may even offer lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. When Karl Elsener created a knife for the Swiss army, his business of making fine cutlery was doing well for as many as 13 years. Even today his cutlery items are in great demand among professionals as it has been in the past. You don’t have to necessarily be a professional in order to appreciate the well balanced, perfectly weighted and razor sharp knives. They will work for you as they do for the professionals.

xstc (Purple) - Big @ Flickr

xstc (Purple) – Big @ Flickr

In the past, you would have come across knives with labels Forschner by Victorinox. This is because until recently Forschner was the distributor for Victorinox cutlery in North America. Currently, knives come with only Victorinox label. All said and done, it does not really matter whether you have purchased knives with Forschner by Victorinox label or have bought or planning to buy those with just Victorinox label, you can be confident that you are getting a quality product at a reasonable price.

The blades of Victorinox knives are NSF International certified. This means that the number of crevices, breeding places of bacteria, is minimal. Though it is not a matter of great concern for average consumers, it is an important aspect as far as chefs and commercial restaurants are concerned.

Another aspect is that there is neither a lip nor a bolster between the blade and handle of these knives. While some people do miss the lip, almost everyone enjoys the non-slip handle they come with. The Forschner kitchen knives handles are made out of slip resistant and textured Fibrox mineral fiber. They are ergonomically designed to ensure balance and reduce wrist tension. The patented handle design does not slip even when it is wet.


Victorinox kitchen knives provide value for the money you spend. Victorinox may not be the choice of a master chef, but they are a good choice as a kitchen knife in every average home. If you choose a higher quality knife, you will have to pay double or triple the price of a Victorinox knife. The Swiss company’s knives come with a blade that is sharp, is comfortable to hold and easy to use. You get to enjoy these features at very affordable prices.